Students should be 3 and a half years old for the LKG and 5 years old for the First Standard. The school reserves the right to remove a student from the rolls on grounds if irregular attendance, habitual lack of application. Indiscipline and objectionable behavior not in keeping with the spirit of Alphonsa School Students or guilty of any malpractice at examinations will be immediately dismissed from the school


  • There are three terminal - 1 Term, II Term and Annual - and three mid-terminal examinations.
  • For Std X and XII students there will be Monthly Tests as well
  • The pass mark in each subject is 40.
  • The promotion is based on the average pass mark obtained in the terminal examinations
    School fees will be collected in three instalments
    First Instalment: May 19-24
    Second Instalment; October 1 - 15
    Third Instalment: January 1 - 15
    A fine will be collected from the students who remit the fee after these dates.


The academic year commences from June to April and consists of three terms.